Sapphire Laser Whitening

Simple - Lie back, relax, listen to music, even nap! In about one hour, Sapphire will remove years of tea, cola, and coffee stains from your teeth.

Safe - Clinical tests have shown that Sapphire is completely safe with no change to teeth, gums, enamel, bondings or fillings. Why not get started today!

State-of-the-Art - Sapphire light-activated process is completely unique. It's not laser, UV or heat-based. Through a gentle light source and low level peroxide gel nothing is proven to get teeth whiter, faster.

Satisfaction - We proudly stand behind the superiority of our state-of-the-art whitening system. We are so confident that we can whiten your teeth -- we guarantee it! Ask us for details about our satisfaction guarantee.

Free Consultation - Sapphire Dental Professionals offer free consultations so you can check the current color of your teeth, learn how the process works and see what Sapphire can do for you.

Get Answers to These Questions:

What actually happens? Does it work with caps, veneers, and bonds?
How white will my teeth get? How long does it last?
What if I have sensitive teeth? How do I keep my teeth white?


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