Waterlase Technology

What is Waterlase?

Waterlase™ uses the Hydrokinetic™ process which gently washes away decay with YS:GG laser-energized water droplets. Hydrokinetic™ energy is produced by combining a spray of atomized water with laser energy.

The resulting energy gently and precisely removes a wide range of human tissue including tooth enamel (the hardest substance in the body), and soft tissue (gum tissue) with no heat or discomfort in most cases.


In the hands of Dr. Davis, Waterlase™ is a safe medical device. The laser provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the chance of causing damage to healthy tissues.


What Can WaterlaseTM Be Used For?

Root Canals • Fillings with no anesthesia, in some cases  
• Decay Removal General Soft Tissue Procedures  
• Cavity Preparation General dentistry for enamel and dentine


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