CEREC - Strong, Beautiful Teeth

Our practice strives to keep up with the latest technological advances in dentistry to provide our patients with the very best in dental care. Highlighting this technology is CEREC, a high-tech device used to design and manufacture all porcelain tooth restorations at our office while you wait.

CEREC provides for a more conservative and time saving procedure as inlays, onlays, and crowns can be made in a single visit with no impressions or temporary crowns. This technology truly is state-of-the-art as only five percent of all dentists currently can provide this ideal treatment.


CEREC Technology is a superior method of creating precisely-designed, color-matched and highly durable ceramic restorations right in our office. CEREC allow you to avoid impression materials, temporaries and multiple dental appointments usually associated with cosmetic dentistry cases.


Single visit convenience - no temporaries Enamel-like materials - natural look and feel  
No uncomfortable impression trays Clinically proven - millions of successful restorations worldwide  
Beautiful esthetics - color-matched ceramic Maximum strength - great looks!  





CEREC fillings can be used instead of traditional amalgam or composites to create a smooth, tooth-colored replacement of material lost to cavities bringing your tooth back to its natural strength. Unlike porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns, CEREC is completely metal free. Although the PFM crowns mimic natural tooth appearance, the metal limits translucency and can sometimes show through as a dark line, especially though the gum line. CEREC veneers are a stronger, long lasting, permanent solution because its enamel-like material looks and feels more like real teeth.


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